Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Small space veggie garden

This year I decided to only do three straw bales. This is a good example of being able to have a vegetable garden even in the smallest of spaces. I planted only my very favorites this year (tomatoes,zucchini,sweetpeas). Part of the reason for the smaller garden is time constraint's this year, money and just plain ole' lack of motivation. The fencing is up because my chickens will eat everything in sight when I let them out to free range. In the space to the left I'm going to do a memorial garden for my Dad...will keep you posted!

Love & Miss You
Forever & always!

Here is an update: New pics taken July 21, 2011

Already picked a few Zucchini. I noticed today when I went to take the pictures something is eating my tomatoes. I suspect it isn't the chickens & ducks considering I've netted them. More like those nasty green tomatoes caterpillar's with the red spiked horn ugh! I'm scared to death of those...what's the name of them again? my brains not working...

Miss YOU Dad!