Tuesday, February 16, 2010


If your feeling the winter blues your not alone. Just when I think the end is in sight poof! another 8-12 inches of snow. Hey, I don't mind the serenity snow can have cleansing the earth and making it new again; Eager to push forth in the spring new life and budding wonderment. I don't mind the snow especially when you take a step out your front door late at night and the moon is casting a glow across the surface in a silvery, sleek shine and all is silent. The air bites gently, and you inhale the freshest of fresh air(ahh....I love having a moment of silence, stepping out on my porch at night after all the children are far far away in dreamland) I don't even mind my kids having a few snow days and a break from school. At this point though the kids are getting restless and my good will and patience are running out.

Boredom: <<--------That word is a CURSE word in our house! It is outlawed along with many other words in our house. The "I'm bored" pinging off the lips of four children has quickly earned them a chore if they say it! So if they are "bored" well then have I got a solution for you! They have learned at an amazingly fast speed NOT to let it slip or even show any sort of boredom because there is always laundry, dishes, sweeping, cleaning bathrooms etc to do.

There comes a breaking point for all moms who have run out of board games, hide -N- seek Indoors, building a million Snow-men, painting, play-doh, haircuts, videos on demand (why the heck do they play the same movies for weeks on end!) scary story time.....when it turns into my five year old grabbing my face as I try to keep an eye on my screen and type this while he says with his tongue sticking out " is my tongue white or red mommy?" "are my teeth white Mommy?" and I say "your tongue is red Gabe and your teeth are white." which causes him to fall on the floor crying hysterical because he just ate a Popsicle and was betting on a RAINBOW!!!!!!!!!!!
I tell ya!!! The natives are getting restless and I just hope they don't start eating their young!

Oh yea! this is a gardening blog isn't it? well, my original idea today was to suggest beating the winter blues by charting out, and dreaming on paper your garden plans. Oh, it can be so exciting to just map out what you want to plant this year and where. Rather you use a computer program and have it all fancy and perfect or if you scribble it down on a napkin; either way it gets you excited and motivated. Maybe you keep a gardening journal and each year you plan out your space methodically and each plant and vegetable is compared to the years before; deciding on what can do better here or there or what you have or haven't tried yet.